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Subcompetency and EPA Association Tables

Subcompetencies Tracked by Each EPA EPA no. Subcompetencies tracked by this EPA 1. Manage common acid peptic–related problems PC3, PC5, MK2, SBP1, SBP3, PROF1, PROF3, ICS2, ICS3 2. Manage common functional GI disorders PC3, PC5, MK1, MK2, SBP1, SBP3, PBLI1, PBLI3, PROF1, PROF3, ICS2, ICS3 3. Manage common GI motility disorders PC3, PC5, MK1, MK2, […]

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Case Study

You are a junior GI attending that recently joined a small academic institution, in a remote area.  Unfortunately, the program has been experiencing hardships within the clinical rotations, particularly the nutrition rotation.  You have been asked to oversee the nutrition rotation, and specifically asked to develop the curriculum and familiarize the new faculty; however, you […]

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