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Assessment Tools

Gathered from training programs around the country, this collection of assessment tools used by program directors in their day-to-day operations have been made available for the GI training community. Use any of the tools provided here or submit any tools you use that others may find beneficial. If you have resources you’d like to share, please email them to along with a brief description of the resource(s).

    • Donated by Avlin Imaeda (Yale):

      Examples of how to create milestone specific evaluations.

    • Donated by Thomas Savides (UCSD):

      Templates for semi-annual reviews and fellowship portfolio summaries of scholarly activities/evaluations.

    • Donated by Brijen Shah (Mount Sinai):

      OSCE standardized patient case around the topic of informed consent for colonoscopy in an elderly patient with functional and cognitive limitations.

    • Donated by Daniela Jodorkovsky (New York Medical College):

      Mapping scheme to help determine which milestones are assessed with which areas of the fellowship in addition to what modalities are used for this assessment; outline of changes made to existing evaluations based on the NAS/subspecialty milestones and how this is used to inform the CCC with an example of an evaluation using the new milestones and EPAs; guide for mid-year review.

    • Donated by James Abraham (University of Minnesota):

      “The Observed EPA Report” is an ACGME Milestones-based Assessment tool created to provide reliable/reproducible data that can inform determinations of proficiency among differing learners — data that can be useful for Clinical Competency Committee Members to spur thoughtful discussions regarding trainee performance, and for providing trainees meaningful narrative feedback to guide their ongoing development.

      If you choose to download this Assessment tool and find it helpful, we would ask that you kindly email Dr. James Abraham ( — our program would be happy to provide any faculty & trainee development support you need to help implement this assessment tool successfully.